2016 Holiday Camp Registration

All camps take place at SPREE HQ in Johnson Habitat Park. 

Contact SPREE at camp@greenwayfoundation.org or (720) 306-8000 


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Feb 3, 2017: Journey of the South Platte
Investigate our River's journey as it travels through Colorado and beyond!
Single class scheduled on 2/3/2017
Camper: 1 $ 45.00 ea.

Feb 20, 2017: The Secret Life of Hibernators
Investigate the animals who are sleeping through the winter in Colorado!
Single class scheduled on 2/20/2017
Camper: 1 $ 45.00 ea.

Mar 27-31, 2017: Reptiles & Amphibians of Colorado
Join SPREE to become herpetologists- experts on Colorado’s reptiles and amphibians!
Classes scheduled every week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday starting 3/27/2017 and ending 3/31/2017
Camper: 1 $ 225.00 ea.

April 3, 2017: Crazy about Crawdads
Become a crawdad expert as we investigate one of the South Platte's most amazing creatures!
Single class scheduled on 4/3/2017
Camper: 1 $ 45.00 ea.

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